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The problems of the world cannot be solved with the same type of thinking that created them.
— Albert Einstein
Create Actionable Goals
Leverage Time & Plan to Win
Advanced Level Sales Training
Negotiate for Win Win
Qualify in Order to Quantify, Part I
Advanced Level Sales Training
Qualify in Order to Quantify, Part II
Build Long-Term Synergistic Relationships

Take The Lead!TM

A 6-Week Leadership Accelerator
Beginning September 23rd
Take The Lead! is ideal for leaders and managers at all levels. If you are ready to accelerate your leadership skills to a higher level, look no further than this program.  Join other like-minded professionals in this intense six-week program of interactive and motivational sessionsmore 
Enrollment includes:
 Integrated DISC/Motivators/EQ Assessment
Reinforcement Materials
Expert Coaching

Systematic FoundationTM

8 Weeks of Sales Leadership Training
Beginning April 14th
Systematic Foundation is an introduction to Compass for business professionals and sales leaders. Systematic Foundation is uniquely designed to provide a foundation for individuals and organizations intending to establish and implement a systematic business development process within their organization. more
Enrollment includes:
 Integrated DISC/Motivators Assessment
Reinforcement Materials
Expert Coaching

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