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At RedRock Leadership, we are not afraid to ask the big questions and then design entire human capital management systems around what we discover. Our team of researchers explore every aspect of human behavior and neurological function to develop and improve our products and systems. That’s why we hold patents on the process and systems we have created.
Safe & Secure Delivery
Through our Strategic Partner for assessments, our reach extends far beyond the United States and into 40 countries around the globe. But being global comes with a greater responsibility for security and privacy, which we take seriously. That’s why we have data centers located in the United States, Canada and Europe in order to provide safe, compliant data delivery to corporations throughout the world, 24/7/365.
It’s all designed to provide more information to clients about the individual and the job, including keen insight into behaviors, motivators and personal skills in order to maximize job satisfaction, retention, efficiency and company prosperity.
The Right Tools Every Time
When you use the right tools, you get the right results. With retention in the 90th percentile, those results transform into solutions for your business’s bottom line.
  • Job-Based Assessment
  • TriMetrix HD
  • DISC Behaviors
  • Personal Motivation & Engagement
  • Performance DNA
  • EQTM : Emotional Intelligence
  • Sales Skills IndexTM
  • Task Quotient
Pre-Employment Screening & Evaluation
Need to eliminate disappointing new hires in 2013? One of the most costly decisions hiring managers make is measuring interviewing ability rather than job competency. Let us help you stop guessing at the critical game of Employee Evaluation and Hiring.
Improve Employee Retention
High turnover? Revenue goals not being met? Worried that your salespeople are more farmers than hunters? Your managers might not be showing the leadership strengths you need? Our Retention Profile Report can quickly and accurately pinpoint the inherent strengths and challenges of your existing staff.
Promote Successfully
Many companies realize that they have promoted someone to "see how he or she will do," resulting in costly mistakes. Understand the full capabilities of your employees before you make an internal move. People do not need to struggle to succeed.
Manage Succession: The Future of Your Organization Depends On It
Concerned that you may have insufficient management in place to reach corporate objectives? Take stock - perform a talent inventory in order to align staffing with organizational mission and objectives.
For a complimentary assessement and more information about RedRock Leadership's Assessment tools, please complete the form below or contact us at 813-885-5097.

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