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Client Success Stories

"Each of my core team will go through a training course this year with RedRock.  I have found them to be solid, professional, and very congruent with Chick-fil-A's leadership model and methodology." - John Mitten, Chick-fil-A Operator, Brooksville, FL  

"Wanted to let you know that I loved today's class.  I feel like I walked away with some new skills and a new eyebrow statement!! Thanks for the time afterward it was very helpful.  Loved the way you helped us make connections after class. Thanks for everything!!!  I can see the shift in my thinking with your coaching." - Carol Ware-McKenzie at Harmony Home Health 

"Just wanted to share, I had a good closing today! Unfortunately, I didn't make my goal of 3 this month but I will next month! And I have added a goal to have 5 appointments a week. More than anything, and most importantly, I know what path to take now, I know where I need to be, I know what steps to take to get there and I am happy! Thank you for changing my life! I may be the one doing it, but only because you gave me the tools and encouragement to get it done. I didn't write this email to encourage you, I did it because it encourages me! I strive harder to succeed knowing I'll have you checking in on me once and a while. … I know it is a way to continue to push myself to step out of my comfort zone." - Melissia M. Ruiz, PA, Realtor® at Coldwell Banker South Tampa

"Jeff from RedRock came to our company and held a cold calling clinic. Truly different than other training organizations ... they take it to a whole new level. If you want the 'real deal' you have to give these folks a try." - Jeff Dean, Business Sales Manager at T-Cellular, Inc.

"I learned some good tricks and tips for making cold calls and how to get into the door the first time. Thank you for inviting the RedRock Leadership trainers. I will aggressively utilize these skills today and let you know the outcome after I return from this meeting." - Brandon LaPlant, Business Account Manager at Sprint T-Cellular, Inc.

“The views that our company had before RedRock and what we ended up with after our training experience with RedRock changed how we view ourselves, as well as our customers. We have been able to sharpen and deeper define the culture we want our customers to experience. I highly recommend RedRock Leadership." - Bob Childress, CEO of Solace Insurance 

Jeff Ruby takes an exceptionally intelligent and professional approach to customer service training and employee development.  His RedRock Leadership courses are having a positive effect on our office culture, and also in our personal lives.  We’re getting more than we expected! - Ray Sikorski, President/Owner of Verified Inc.

"I'm not sure if many people email you after the sessions, but I wanted you to know how I have put items into practice. I have created a list of non-negotiables, I call them expectations, and formatted them into a “contract” that staff must sign. This comes with a copy of our discipline policy and our dress code. I gave the staff the trust survey and asked them to anonymously fill them out about me. I had my wife, who is an engineer, run the stats and give me a report. So now I have an idea where my strengths and weaknesses are (at least from my staff's point of view). It is still early and folks are adjusting quickly but I think things are so much better for it. Thanks for everything." - Tim Hill, Manager at Museum of Science & Industry 

“I sat in on a RedRock training session this morning, "Taking the Lead." Jeff was an excellent communicator! He talked about building rapport with customers and taking the lead in communication. GREAT stuff! I would highly recommend Jeff and the training available at RedRock Leadership!!” - Rick Lackore, Regional Director of Ministry Development at The Pocket Testament League

"Wow! That was awesome!  Just wanted to say I really received a good glimpse of myself, both from the professional and ministerial side of things…Looking forward to more of the same. Great insights!"  - Sean Adams, Customer Service Specialist at Solace Insurance

"Hey Jeff, the session this morning was, in a word, FABULOUS! -Karen Krymski, Principal at Women PowerUP! & Executive Managing Director of eWomen Network

"You are a genius!  I used the: 'I think you have a great plan, I don't see any reason to change, unless there is some other information I am missing' technique.  I didn't want to try and make something out of nothing; I was actually trying to disqualify this prospect, as to not waste any time. She immediately replied, 'yeah, except I'm running out of money.' She is a 75 year old retired teacher from Ohio and she is on a retiree plan. It was awesome.  It got us immediately to a place in the conversation where we could begin working on solutions.  Thanks Jeff!" - Albert Perez, President at Healthcare Administrators, Inc.

"Just a quick note to let you say what a fantastic job at the meeting! At the end of day two (after some had stayed up all night I heard), they were all kept very engaged.  The feedback was great.   Would love to arrange for our District Managers to attend all of the modules along with some of our Corporate mid-level managers." - Diane Stern, Vice President, Human Resource, Coast Dental 

"The sales training topped our expectations.  The training was informative, engaging and well planned.  Most importantly, I see the positive impact it is having on our sales team.  I plan on using Jeff for one-on-one sessions with a few sales managers in the near future." -  R. Ryan Cole, Sr. Vice President, Trilogy Communications, Inc.

"Thank you for training that was compelling, inspirational, and packed full of wisdom that every leader, manager and sales rep should commit to learning. We highly recommend REDROCK!" - Terrill Goldman, Cale America

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated taking RedRock Core Management Skills.  The tools and management techniques I learned in class have been extremely useful.  Since taking the course, I've become much more self-aware and effective with my interactions and reactions in situations.  I'm very eager and excited to see how Rockwell evolves as a company as we go through the upcoming RedRock training! - Aubrey Guenther, Rockwell Building Systems

I wanted to thank you for a great presentation at our new member welcome today.  Your sales presentation was right on target for our new members and I hope you will be able to do the same thing next month on May 13th. - Jan P. Dean, Pinellas Realtors Organization                                                                                                                 

I only had a chance to speak with Jenn and Matt on the ride alongs.  Jenn and Matt had such a positive experience.  You pumped them up.  It was really good to hear the excitement in their voices.  Great job! - LaNita Nagele, Sales Manager, WCC Business Solutions


I came through Systematic Foundation and a year later my business has grown to be five times larger. - Julie McAdoo, Owner, Refresh Your Nest                                                                                                                        

RedRock Leadership is a wonderful company.  They brought an entirely new dynamic to how our firm views guest speakers.  They were knowledgeable, fun, interesting, and provided just the right amount of perspective.  I will definitely be referring them to anyone I can.  They did a truly amazing job in what little time we asked of them. - Teagan Kipi, Law Offices of Daniel Consuegra




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