Sales Training

If you are tired of one, two or three day training seminars that seem only to create short term motivation for change, we invite you to explore RedRock Leadership's uniquely designed ongoing reinforcement training and one-on-one coaching for sales leaders and business professionals. more

Leadership Development

We believe in growing companies. 

The way we know how to grow companies is by growing people inside those companies. We help our clients eliminate frustration caused by a lack direction and concerns about building a sustainable and scalable business model. Contact us today and allow us to help you Grow Stronger. more

Management Training

All of the management training we deliver incorporates the principles associated with Emotional Intelligence -multifaceted approach to personal and organizational transformation. We believe that if we can help managers, at all levels, understand their role in the organization and the importance of effective managerial skills, then they will be enabled to have a dramatic impact on employee performance and behavior. more

Job Benchmarking & Talent Acquisition

The trademarked and guaranteed process that certified specialists at RedRock Leadership employ starts by letting the job speak for itself through our innovative intellectual property gathering. Once we define all the job’s key accountabilities, then we can build your custom talent pool selection methodology. more

Active Sales ManagementTM

Active Sales ManagementTM is perfect for companies too large not to have a sales manager, and too small to afford one. Does your sales team need a manager that will gain respect through effective mentoring and coaching and be an advocate for training that winners embrace? Let RedRock Leadership provide you with this proven Sales Management service. more

Business Strategy

Most organizations face stiff challenges in today’s marketplace.  Changing demographics, new technologies, aggressive competition, and sophisticated consumers demand that organizations change the way they do business or face extinction. more

Customer Service Training

Customer Service Core Skills™ is unlike any program you’ve ever experienced. In addition to monthly training sessions, the ongoing coaching you’ll receive from the dynamic and motivational team at RedRock Leadership will accelerate your path to success.  more

Assessment Tools

Our assessments will help you chose the right candidate the first time, develop employees at every level to achieve their highest potential, analyze your company culture, and strategize for the future. more


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