“If you feel as though the training provided doesn't fit with your business philosophy, you'll be refunded 100% of what you paid.”
-Jeff Ruby, President

Our Mission

The RedRock team believes that we can only be successful if we operate based on solid principles that are executed with our clients’ success in mind.  These founding principles, values, vision and mission must be expressed not only internally, but externally.

Founding Principles

  • Attract like minds
  • Connect people with resources
  • Grow indivduals & organizations
  • Serve our clients & the community


Three years from now… When speaking of increasing sales or starting or sustaining a business - an entrepreneur, business owner or senior level executive anywhere within 25 miles of a RedRock training center will be advised by all other entrepreneurs, business owners and senior level executives within that area that their only chance for attaining the highest level of success is to work with RedRock Leadership.


  • Be committed to excellence
  • Treat each other with dignity & respect
  • Be committed to continuous improvement
  • Demonstrate servant leadership
  • Maintain the highest level of integrity
  • Earn a decent profit, decently
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