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Jeff Ruby RedRock Leadership

My Story

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to help others. At the age of 10, I was building soda can lamps and selling them to my neighbors for a profit.

After graduating from The University of Akron, I was named head of sales for a national lighting contractor where I helped grow revenue from $700k to $5.8m in less than four years.

At 30, I started my first company and learned firsthand how poor planning and lack of leadership can bring a company to its knees. It was during that time that I learned the value of being surrounded by solid mentors. Under their guidance I set some lofty goals. Then, once those goals were accomplished, I sold the company and relocated my family from Northeast Ohio to Tampa, Florida.

Shortly thereafter, I packaged what I learned while building that business and I started RedRock Leadership.

In 2020 I published RedRock Leadership: Transform Your Company Culture and Unleash the Potential for Exponential Growth, which outlines best practices that’s helped strengthen 1,000’s of business leaders around the world.

Today, I’m a Certified EOS Implementer® and I help emerging growth companies establish vision, get traction, and stay healthy.

Take a Look Inside the Book

“We aren’t being heard.”

Two young women had approached me at the end of the first day of RedRock Leadership training. They were obviously incredibly smart, passionate about their jobs, and frustrated by their bosses. Without some sort of intervention, I could see it was highly likely that they would end up seeking employment somewhere else.

I hear this sentiment at almost every one of my leadership training sessions. Because it’s so widespread, you may have encountered this yourself. There’s a systemic gap to bridge in almost every organization. It’s a push-pull between those on the frontline who say, “I have an idea of how we can be better” and those in charge who seem to only have time to work on driving the business forward.

To some extent, this push-pull has always existed, but today the divide seems greater. While those on the frontline point out suggestions they believe will make their jobs easier, those in charge fail to respond and appear to be fixed in their ways. This leaves the team feeling like they are not being heard. What’s unfortunate is that when this tension is not addressed properly, it reaches a boiling point. Sometimes skilled people on our teams are just not in the right company, but sometimes they are, and they leave. It’s imperative that those in charge learn to identify and coach those who are the best fit for the company’s culture.

Effective leadership is in high demand right now because it’s being recognized as a solution to this very issue. Poor leadership, not just at the top but throughout the organization, is why good companies are failing to attract and keep top talent. It’s stifling the careers of team members who aren’t acquiring the skills they need to succeed. It’s curating a staff of dejected individuals who don’t want to be there. It’s hurting the bottom line. This tension might be hurting your company too.

Why is there such a crisis? It comes down to three key elements of a healthy company culture: trust, perseverance, and collaboration. The bottom-line is that most people today want to succeed personally while contributing to a cause greater than themselves. The overall outcome matters to those on the frontline just as it does to those in charge. This is good news! The bad news is that when there is a lack of trust and perseverance, collaboration is hindered, and growth is slowed. It takes both parties recognizing this and overcoming it to lift this dark cloud of confusion.

Company culture matters now more than ever. That’s why RedRock’s Personal and Managerial Leadership training has been so incredibly effective in helping transform company cultures. From our Florida headquarters, we provide training and consulting services to organizations who want to improve their sales and leadership performance. Our training is provided through live workshops and boot camps both from our RedRock Leadership training centers and our clients’ locations. We also facilitate mastermind groups and strategic planning sessions, as well as provide how-to videos, articles, and tools that help our clients grow and improve their bottom lines.

What’s unique about RedRock Leadership is that our training and consulting services are grounded in the competencies of emotional intelligence, which means that we always start by getting people to look inward to establish a foundation for personal leadership before growing outward. Establishing that personal foundation and understanding creates strong roots so that timely growth can occur.

Regarding personal leadership, you’ll learn to:

  • Build and sustain mental toughness and become more emotionally intelligent.
  • Forge positive relationships by becoming more personally and socially aware.
  • Create actionable goals that match your life priorities and vision for the future.
  • Leverage your time to accomplish all that is necessary to reach your goals.

Regarding managerial leadership, you’ll  learn to:

  • Motivate your team so they become autonomous and take immediate responsibility.
  • Coach your team to enhance personal, job, and strategic performance skill sets.
  • Hold your team accountable for being trustworthy and remaining committed.
  • Build a culture of trust that attracts and retains the right talent for your organization.

In this book, you’ll find proven strategies and real-life examples of people who are just like you, in organizations just like yours, who have embraced his leadership methods to transform their company’s culture and unleash the potential for exponential growth!

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    Jeff is committed to helping entrepreneurs and emerging growth business owners become stronger leaders through his efforts as a Professional EOS Implementer®. He is also the author of RedRock Leadership: Transform Your Company Culture and Unleash the Potential for Exponential Growth, a book he wrote after he developed a game-changing strategy for dynamic business growth and leadership for RedRock Leadership, a company he founded in 2010.

    Jeff’s real-life stories of business success and goal achievement while facing unique challenges has helped transform sales teams, leadership teams, church groups, sports teams, educators and teen camps through keynotes, breakout sessions and various training venues in many parts of the world.

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