Sell Without Limits

Rear view of businessman looking at business marketing strategy.jpegIf you put a flea in a jar and tightly screw on a perforated lid, the flea will try and jump out of the jar. Eventually, the flea accepts its limit and when you remove the lid, the flea won’t jump any higher than the perceived lid. You’re no different. If you perceive a limit, are continually struck down or if your are not achieving desired results, your efforts will slow down and eventually come to a halt. It’s time to face reality. You’re not a flea and there is no lid.

Here are 3 strategies that will help you remove your limits in order to achieve greater sales results:

1: Triple Your Selling Hours

Until you put recurring selling time on your calendar and commit to not deviating from it, you won’t have a fighting chance at tripling your selling hours. Selling time includes prospecting, qualifying and closing and is as vital to your selling process as eating and sleeping. In addition to calendaring your selling time, take the time to set recurring daily or weekly meetings with your support team. Redirect all odds and ends into those meetings. It’s important that you don’t jump in and out of selling time to handle administrative and client support details.

2:  The Size of Your Average Deal

Take the time to develop clear vision and strategy statements that align your thinking with larger-sized deals. Committing this to writing will put you in position to act accordingly throughout the year. Then, commit to a market niche and become the expert in it. Studies show that deal sizes increase for those who become committed and focused on a specific market. Being dedicated to a niche or specific market affords you the ability to go deeper into your accounts. Finally, let go of your small clients, the bottom 10%. Give them to another sales person within your organization, or to a non-competing strategic partner outside your organization.

3: Generate Half as Many Proposals

Follow a true process for selling, one that doesn’t allow your proposals to travel alone and that won’t allow you to make a proposal unless you know it will be accepted. In order to do this, you must be selective. Commit yourself to the idea that not every prospect is qualified to be your client. Don’t allow prospects, who aren’t willing to cooperate, the privilege of working with you. When you do this, your focus will turn from generating proposals in order to close sales to securing relationships in order to be a trusted advisor.

Obtaining Desired Sales Results

As long as you believe that getting beyond where you are today is not an option, you’ll continue to be struck down by the preconceived limits you have placed on yourself. Change can be painful and incredibly rewarding at the same time. Remember that the fear of not accomplishing your goals must be greater than the pain you endure to achieve them. Make a decision to focus your efforts on actions that will ensure you reach your goals and desired results, without limits.


Jeff Ruby

Jeff Ruby

Founder of RedRock Leadership

During the course of his professional career, he has worked in organizations ranging in size from a sole practitioner to Fortune 500. Included in his experience are roles in starting and selling companies, sales and sales management, training and development and executive coaching.

RedRock Leadership is a sales training and leadership development company committed to growing companies by growing individuals through on-going training infused with the competencies of emotional intelligence.