In a previous blog, I discussed the importance of core values and shared some tips on how to develop them. If your company hasn’t developed core values or if you’re struggling with creating values, please take the time to read that blog. Once you’ve developed your core values, you need to instill them into your organization. You may have created the best core values in the world but if your employees haven’t embraced them, they’re useless. Here are four ways to instill your core values in your organization.

1. Encourage Conversations about Your Core Values

Discuss your company’s core values often with your employees. Take time to explain to them how you developed them and why they’re important to the organization. Ask them which core value they think is the most important. Ask them to discuss situations in which core values might come into conflict and how they would handle it. Have them do a survey on how well the company is living up to its core values. Review the results with your whole staff and see if there is any area that needs improvement.

2. Make Your Core Values Visible

Your company’s core values should be the guidelines for every decision made. That’s why you should find a way to integrate your core values in every single thing you do. Put them on your company’s website, recruiting documents, annual review materials, emails, and social media. Print your company’s core value and hang them at every employee’s desk. Put them up in conference rooms, break rooms, and any open wall space. You want your core values to be seen at all times.

3. Recognize Employees who Emulate Your Core Values

Rewarding employees that display your company’s core values is a great way to enforce core values. For example, if one of your company’s core values is consistency, you should look at employees who perform consistently well and recognize them in front of everyone. This will motivate others to take your core values seriously.

It’s important that every employee knows and understands your company’s core values. Use these tips to make your company’s core values a part of day-to-day operations. Instilling your core values will help you build a solid team and create a successful work environment.


4. Hold Each Member of Your Team Accountable to Your Core Values

I’m a strong proponent of creating an environment characterized by collaboration and trust. As a leader, it’s your job to not only build this type of environment but to protect it.  Keep in mind that leaders don’t push people, they lead people. A friend of mine always says be a lighthouse, not a tugboat—I love that! Things move fast today and you don’t want people lagging behind. You must surround yourself with people who are motivated and empowered to support your culture. Download The RedRock Core-Valuator to help you hold each member of your team accountable to your core values.


Jeff Ruby

Jeff Ruby

Founder of RedRock Leadership

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