Episode #25 – How to Develop a Winning Sales Organization

Episode #25 – How to Develop a Winning Sales Organization

John Polumbo, Founder & President of Winning Edge Selling, is a close personal friend and has been a business colleague of mine for over 20 years. He has over 20 years experience in the development of winning sales organizations at all levels. I think you’ll enjoy this episode of the RedRock Leadership Podcast as we discuss how to develop a winning sales organization.

Personal Leadership Description

Personal Leadership Training Make your emotions your competitive advantage! At RedRock Leadership we describe emotional intelligence as our ability to manage our emotions, and the emotions of others, while making critical decisions, trusting others and persevering...

Managerial Leadership Description

RedRock Managerial Leadership Training Get ready to build a culture of trust! The vision of a leader is to create a legacy and that the mission of a leader is to take care of others. We don’t teach leaders how to become great, instead we teach them to create...