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RedRock Managerial Leadership Training Get ready to build a culture of trust! The vision of a leader is to create a legacy and that the mission of a leader is to take care of others. We don’t teach leaders how to become great, instead we teach them to create...

Sales Training Description

RedRock Sales Training Get ready to double, triple, even quadruple your bottom-line results! Over the past 10 years, RedRock’s sales training has helped 100’s of individuals and companies all over the world double, triple, and more than quadruple their sales. Check...
Episode #22 – How Great Leaders are Transformed by Learning

Episode #22 – How Great Leaders are Transformed by Learning

You’re going to love this interview with Nicole De Falco, CEO of Upsurge Advisors. She is high-energy and engaging and incredibly talented. She transforms leaders’ lives through learning and has a knack for combining brain science, purposeful practice to ignite behavioral change. Her secret sauce is a mix of neuroscience, narratives, and playfulness to rich learning journeys.