Nobody wants to be micromanaged…so why do we do it?

First of all it is important to note that all of us define “micromanagement” differently. Why? Because we each have different sized comfort zones and varying desires for autonomy. That being said as managers we must allow our team to have healthy autonomy. Our job is to create an environment in which the team thrives.

Studies show that people thrive when they feel safe, free, and permitted to collaborate. While a certain amount of accountability must exist, it should never exist at the expense of  threatening the environment. Autonomous teams tend to hold one another accountable without management anyway. This helps to eliminate the “tattle-tale” issue so prevalent in today’s workplace.

If your team will not perform then coach. If they still will not perform then coach more. Just like you would never fire your kids for getting a D in math but would labor intensely to see them tutored, so should you coach your team.

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The RedRock Team

The RedRock Team

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