Create a Custom Job Benchmark

Hire people who will succeed in your unique culture!

RedRock Leadership is a Value-Added Associate for TTI Success Insights and subscribes to their patented Custom Job Benchmark process. This is a process utilized by 1,000’s of organizations worldwide to uniquely match talent to specific positions. The TTI Custom Job Benchmark Process is an interactive process that benchmarks the job, not people. Once complete, the custom job benchmark may be used for creating job ads, job descriptions, compensation plans, candidate selection, retention, employee engagement, coaching, leadership development and management.

  • A Michigan State University study recently revealed that traditional hiring practices yield a 14% probability of hiring the right candidate.
  • Average annual turnover rate of U.S. companies is 25%.
  • A Harvard University Study recently revealed that 80% of employee turnover can be attributed to mistakes during the hiring process.

How is a Custom Job Benchmark Created?

Step 1 – Let the Job Speak

A RedRock facilitator will conduct a half-day session where up to seven stakeholders come together and speak on behalf of the job. The goal of the session is to create a Key Accountability Profile for the job. This profile will provide 30 reasons why the job exists. The reasons must be measurable, not soft skill based. After the job provides 30 statements to describe why it exists, those statements will be divided into weighted and ranked categories with key accountability statements.

Step 2 – Create a Multi-Respondent Job Report

Once the Key Accountability Profile is complete, the stakeholders use it to complete an online survey which generates individual Job Reports that are merged to create a Multi-Respondent Job Report. This report will identify the size of the candidate population pool and the development level of the competencies, behaviors and culture the job requires.

Step 3 – Finalization of the Custom Job Benchmark

The stakeholders reconvene and evaluate the Multi-Respondent Job Report and make necessary adjustments that will produce the Custom Job Benchmark, a 35+ page document that outlines the candidate’s developed requirements for 25 competencies, 12 behavioral and 12 culture traits. This document also includes customized behavior-based interview questions and insight needed to create job ads, job descriptions and compensation plans.

How is the Custom Job Benchmark Used After it is Created?

In addition to helping create job ads, job descriptions and compensation plans, the Custom Job Benchmark will be used in the evaluation of candidates. Once candidates are identified, they will complete an online survey that will produce a TTI TriMetrix DNA Talent Assessment specific to their job title as a sales, management, executive or staff team member.

The TTI TriMetrix DNA Talent Assessment will then be sized up against the Custom Job Benchmark using a TTI TriMetrix DNA Gap Report. With these, you’ll identify the potential that the candidates have to succeed within your unique culture.

Custom Benchmarking Assessment

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Custom Job Benchmark

TTI TriMetrix® DNA

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