Customized In-House Sales Training Programs

No problem, we will help you build a custom program.

  • Vision for the future is a leader’s first requirement.
  • Reputation is a reflection of character.
  • Leaders promote legacy.

The mark of a well-trained RedRock Leader is their skillful ability to coach, motivate and hold their teams accountable in such a way that a trusting environment forms. While many believe that leadership skills are innate, those who possess a high-level of determination in order to continuously improve know otherwise. In fact, these skills are developed over hours of planning, training, reinforcement and experience.

RedRock Leadership offers open forum sales training, customized in-house sales training as well as business coaching and consulting services.

RedRock Leadership takes a non-traditional approach to sales training. As you are probably aware, “features and benefits” selling tactics are old and worn out and the days of transaction based selling are over. In order to survive in today’s sales world, you must be mentally tough and proficient at building trust in a relatively short period of time.

All of the sales training we deliver incorporates the principles associated with Emotional Intelligence – a multifaceted approach to personal and organizational transformation.

We offer a comprehensive approach to sales training which always includes unlimited one-on-one sales coaching. Our philosophy is that professionals who desire constant improvement should never stop practicing. It’s often said that we provide strength and conditioning to the selling side of a business. When you rely on RedRock Leadership for sales training you will experience a dynamic, ongoing training experience comprised of mutual support and coaching.

RedRock Leadership provides a safe environment in which to:

  • Develop goals and learn how to plan effectively
  • Learn how to leverage time
  • Develop principles for success
  • Practice the essentials for qualification
  • Make effective presentations
  • Lead a team
  • Learn how to prospect effectively
  • Learn a process for selling
  • Build upon skill sets
  • Strengthen mental toughness
  • Ask “real world” questions and face your toughest sales problems
  • Understand the philosophy of finding buyer emotion
  • Eliminate “think it overs” and “unpaid consulting”
  • Shorten sales cycles
  • Develop internal motivation drivers