Debbie Jeffries

Executive Assistant

Debbie Jeffries is an Executive Assistant and Talent Acquisition Specialist at RedRock Leadership. Before joining RedRock Leadership, Debbie spent more than 25 years as a Human Resource Manager at Talbots where she was responsible for a variety of H.R. tasks and initiatives.

In her current role as Executive Assistant, Debbie works along side the executive team in order to take care of key clients. She is constantly engaged in strategic decision making across the business. Debbie is also a key player on the creative team that develops the training programs and expands the knowledge base offered by RedRock.

As Talent Acquisition Specialist, Debbie is charged with attracting and identifying top talent for clients utilizing RedRock’s Job Benchmarking and Talent Acquisition service.

Debbie resides in the Tampa Bay area with her Golden Retriever, Hannah.