How to Hire Right The First Time

Recorded Webinar: How to Hire Right the First Time


Learn how to locate and hire those who have the highest likelihood of succeeding within your culture!

A Michigan State University study recently revealed that traditional hiring practices yield a 14% possibility of hiring the right candidate.
Average annual turnover rate of U.S. companies is 25%.

A Harvard University Study recently revealed that 80% of employee turnover can be attributed to mistakes during the hiring process.

RedRock Leadership is a Value Added Associate for TTI Success Insights and subscribes to their patented Custom Job Benchmark process. This is a process utilized by 1,000’s of organizations worldwide to uniquely match talent to specific positions.

The TTI Custom Job Benchmark Process is an interactive process that benchmarks the job, not people. Once complete, the custom job benchmark may be used for creating job ads, job descriptions, compensation plans, candidate selection, retention, employee engagement, coaching, leadership development and management.

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