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What is a 360 Leadership Assessment?

360 leadership assessments are tools that provide leaders with feedback about their performance. Ratings are provided areas such as leadership, communication, productivity, and technical skills. The subject also rates themselves in these areas.

Responses are scored numerically. Higher scores represent strengths and lower scores represent weaknesses. All of the information is compiled into a report that assembles the results into graphs summarizing responses. The graphs illustrate strengths and weaknesses. Individuals can use this information to make changes in their behavior and performance.

What does a 360 Leadership Assessment do?

360 surveys allow an individual assess strengths and weaknesses in their workplace performance, interpersonal communication and leadership style with a focus on individual and organizational development.

Leadership can use the information provided by a 360 survey to create organizational and individual development plans. Individuals can gain tremendous personal benefit as they see how their leadership styles and methods are perceived by those they lead. As they make adjustments to better interact with and lead their teams, the entire organization benefits from the improvement to productivity.

Why do you need a 360 Leadership Assessment?

360 surveys have their greatest impact when used to evaluate and improve the performance of entire organizations. As its name implies, 360 leadership assessments survey the effect an individuals’ actions have on the organization of which they are a part.

360 leadership assessments produce the best results when they are used as a tool to identify opportunities for change and used to develop individual and organizational goals to make those changes. Each 360 survey should be customized to specific organizational or personal goals. They can use the information gathered during a 360 survey to develop continuous learning programs, and to offer training in those areas where leaders need to focus their improvement efforts.


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