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Welcome to the RedRock Leadership Tool Box!

If you have read RedRock Leadership: Transform Your Company Culture and Unleash the Potential for Exponential Growth, or if you have attended one of our sales training or leadership training sessions then you know how valuable our leadership tools can be. 

RedRock Leadership’s tools have helped thousands of business leaders, managers & sales professionals grow their companies and teams. There is no time like the present to begin building systems and processes in order to improve your organizational efficiency.

We trust that these tools will help you Grow Stronger!

I use RedRock Leadership’s tools because they are practical and easy to use. They make me a better manager and my team more productive.” redrock_leadership_dtg

Gary Barker

Sales Manager, Digital Technology Group

RedRock 4-Step Personal Growth Plan™

Do you want a proven approach that has helped 100’s, if not 1,000’s, get out from underneath a reactive lifestyle and get into a position where you can focus on the future while being proactive every day?

RedRock Priority Stabilizer™

Consider the 168 hours available every week, set aside the time you sleep and then take the remaining hours, divide them up and align them with your priorities. It’s not about the quantity of time, but the quality of time you set aside.

RedRock Leveraging Time Battle Card™

This tool is modeled after the four-quadrants inspired by Benjamin Franklin and popularized by author Stephen Covey. It will help you be ultra clear about the acritivities and tasks  you must focus on to maximize goal accomplishment.

RedRock Core Value Maker™

If you want your team to be motivated and engaged, you must define your culture. This tool will help you create and define your core values. Once your core values are documented you can begin shape and transform your culture. 

The RedRock Core Valuator™

This is a tool to help that will allow you to assess each member of your team against your stated and defined core values. This will help you determine where there are needs for coaching and harnessing harmful behavior.

RedRock Coaching Evaluators™

When people on your team are heading in different directions it creates chaos, and that’s not good. Use this tool to help you to position everyone on your team so they are heading in the same direction toward a positive future.

RedRock Social Style Battle Cards™

The way you communicate often depends on your behavior style. This tool will help you identify, not only your own tendencies, but those of your team and close family members will help you open the lines of communication.

RedRock Relationship Reference Card™

 The way you communicate often depends on your behavior style. This tool will help you identify, not only your own communication tendencies, but those of your team and close family members.

RedRock FOMO Statement Maker™

When prospects have a fear of missing out they will be interested in what you have to say. This tool will help you create a connection that will lead to collaboration.

RedRock Annual Goal Setting Booklet™

Your level of success, is in direct proportion with what you set out to accomplish. For this reason, goals can be seen as a vital component for success in business.

RedRock Core Strengthener™

As a leader, good posture is expected. It’s vital that you be the chief collaborator while setting the example for good communication and at the same time maintaining the image of utmost integrity and pronounced character. Now go strengthen your core! 

RedRock Obstacles to Action Converter™

Obstacles are to a business plan like kindling is to a fire. The RedRock Obstacles to Action Converter™ will help you turn your obstacles into fuel to propel you forward.