RedRock Leadership’s TrainingCast

To join the TrainingCast please check your email for your calendar invite, find the meeting ID number, click the link below and enter the meeting number to join.

RedRock Leadership’s training methodology consists of roundtable discussion and group interaction. TraningCast is intended for clients whose geographic location prohibits them from being present inside the training center. In order to protect integrity of the training, live sessions are not currently available for download, distribution or rebroadcast.

This is a private training session being conducted exclusively for clients and guests of RedRock Leadership.

At RedRock Leadership we believe in growing companies by growing individuals. Our mission is to help individuals and companies achieve their personal and professional goals. We provide non-traditional sales leadership and business training along with on-going coaching and reinforcement.

© RedRock Leadership This training must not be reproduced, copied, imitated, wholly or in part, or used in any way without the expressed written permission of RedRock Leadership.