Positive Impact™

Client Service Training & Coaching

Most organizations struggle with the common dilemma of retaining long-term clients. The cost of procuring new business is high and competition is as strong as it’s ever been. When front-liners are trained to take care of clients by providing extraordinary service, the dilemma of retaining long-term clients is diminished. Positive Impact is a foundational training program designed to strengthen the mindsets, instill high-performance behaviors and provide practical techniques for front-liners who are charged with providing extraordinary service to their clients.

RedRock’s Positive Impact™ provides a foundation for organizations who intend to establish and implement a foundation for extraordinary client service within their organization.

Build a Foundation for Success

  1. Build & Sustain Mental Toughness
  2. Build Positive Relationships
  3. Create Actionable Goals
  4. Leverage Your Time

Provide Extraordinary Service

  1. Communicate with Empathy
  2. Know Your Strategic Advantage
  3. Present Yourself with Impact
  4. Be Your Client’s Advocate

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