Take the Lead!™

Leadership, Management Training & Coaching


  • Three months of high-impact leadership training and coaching
  • An integrated behaviors-motivators leadership skills assessment
  • A comprehensive self-study learning kit

RedRock’s Take the Lead!™ provides a foundation for individuals and companies who intend to improve leadership within their organization. Participants will receive access to comprehensive instruction and ongoing support in areas including, but not limited to, leadership development, communication, time management, goal planning, management skills, coaching, strategic planning and organizational development.

This high-impact leadership training and coaching will help you form a foundation for success and build a leadership and management process:

Form a Foundation for Success

1. Build & Sustain Mental Toughness
2. Build Positive Relationships
3. Create Actionable Goals
4. Leverage Your Time

Build a Process

5. Motivate Your Team
6. Be an Effective Coach
7. Hold Your Team Accountable
8. Build an Environment of Trust

Take the Lead!™ Begins May 8th.








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