Yes, you read that right. There truly are five generations in the workplace today, and it’s presenting unique challenges for emerging growth business owners and leaders. Each generation brings with it its own unique view of the world and the workplace. What makes this even more challenging is the frantic pace of change we are experiencing – it affects not only our business culture, but our everyday lives. How are business owners supposed to grow their companies and build strong teams with these challenges?

It isn’t impossible. It takes education, training and personal awareness along with the elimination of chaos and interpersonal conflict. That’s exactly what we talk about in this podcast, the impact of five generations in the workplace.

Join me during this RedRock Leadership Podcast to find out:

  • Top challenges our clients are facing
  • One issue across the board we see affecting everyone
  • Breakdown of the traits and influences for each of the five generations
  • A process to define core values
  • The secret behind creating a positive culture
Jeff Ruby

Jeff Ruby

Founder & CEO of RedRock Leadership

During the course of his professional career, he has worked in organizations ranging in size from a sole practitioner to Fortune 500. Included in his experience are roles in starting and selling companies, sales and sales management, training and development and executive coaching.

RedRock Leadership is a sales training and leadership development company committed to growing companies by growing individuals through on-going training infused with the competencies of emotional intelligence.