If you haven’t already been reminded a dozen times please let me remind you to set your clocks back an hour this weekend. As I was considering this I was reminded that this coming Tuesday I will be training Leveraging Time in Systematic Foundation. It struck me that the way we often speak about time is really quite funny and ironic. How many of us, myself included, will say today and tomorrow, “Good, I’m going to gain an hour this weekend!” The truth is that we “gave away”an hour when the clocks rolled forward earlier this year. The irony is that in reality we can neither give away, take, nor create time. We often say that people have more or less time than we do in a given day to accomplish something. While this is a common saying and the meaning is implied that someone is more or less busy that we are, the fact remains that we all truly have an equal amount of time each day.

There are 24 hours in a day, and time is no respecter of persons. The President does not get 28 hours in a day, nor do you or I have less than 24 hours. We all share the 24 hour predicament. The irony of time is that it is the only limited non-replenishable resource if its kind! There may be limited gold on Earth, but there exists more gold someplace in the universe and I can trade the gold I have for more now. Time, however, is the same for all mortals… limited. We cannot trade for more time, we cannot make more time, we will not get more of it in this life. Some have more days on the Earth than others but in the end each day is the same length for each of us.

So, to quote Gandalf, “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” We can choose what our priorities are. We can say no to things that are not within them. We can leverage our time to focus on what really matters. All choices involve a sacrifice of some kind, but we can decide what to do with our precious daily 24.

This week in Systematic Foundation we considered Goal Setting and Planing. As we set our goals this week it is vital that we do not waste the time given to us on things outside what is most important, whenever possible. Set goals based on what really counts. Do not let the world dictate what direction you must travel, and do not defy the world to selfishly achieve what you desire. Instead find collaboration opportunities to unite with those who share your values to achieve greater goals than you could alone.


At RedRock Leadership we believe in growing companies by growing individuals. We also believe in challenging the status quo in everything we do. Our mission is to help individuals and companies achieve their professional, financial and personal goals. We provide non-traditional sales and business training along with on-going coaching and reinforcement. All of the training we provide incorporates the principles associated with Emotional Intelligence.

Other services we provide include: job benchmarking & talent acquisition, keynote presentations, behavior/motivator assessments, EQ assessments and 360 leadership assessments.